Softr tips and snippets library

Softr tips and snippets library

Questions about the Softr snippet library

What is a SOFTR snippet?

SOFTR code snippets are short reusable pieces of code that can be integrated into your no-code app. Developers often share snippets having certain functions and discuss how to implement snippets in order to improve the functionality of an app. This library intends to group all these resources into a single free library.

Can I share my softr tips?

Of course, this website is a community! Don't hesitate in sharing any snippet, any tutorial, any Airtable formula you might think to be useful to other no-coders. Just click on this link to add a new SOFTR tip , I'll review it and publish it as soon as possible so that others may take advantage of your contribution.

Why should I use these snippets?

The idea of softr snippets is that coders can build tiny functions and features that they can draw from to enhance the features or speed up some of the process of building a no-code app. As such, the snippets have very specific questions that are no natively available in SOFTR - or at least not yet - and can be implemented with the right bit of code or the right Airtable formula.

What do I do if it does not work?

The first thing to do is to comment on the softr tip's page. Additionally, I advise you to ask your question on the Slack with a link to the unlock-softr page you are having trouble with. I or someone from the community will do our best to help you as soon as possible. To get help, use the link to the SOFTR Slack and go to the #questions channel.

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